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7 Jun, 2021


0xa1d8aca665cca6 ...    

AFTERBURNER Coin Informations

AFTERBURNER description

AfterBurner provides a deflationary & decentralized BEP-20 Token with a strong focus on supporting community chosen charity organizations all over the world. Tokenomics: - 98% of the Total Supply have been burned. - The remaining 20T Ciruculating Supply is divided as follows: - 12T are locked in PancakeSwap's LP. - each 4T are locked in a Charity & a Burn Wallet. - Liquidity is locked. The Charity & Burn Wallets are locked via an audited third party service and will only be unlocked once every month/quarter under strict monitoring for special charity and burn events. Liquidity is also provably locked via the same trusted third party. In addition to that, 5% of each transaction is split between existing owners and 10% is automatically added back to PancakeSwap's liquidity pool to ensure a consistently available amount of supply. Another strong focus of the project is on security and transparency. Everything regarding the Tokenomics, locked wallets, locked liquidity and smart contract is verifiable and currently also undergoing a professional security audit. The token was launched on June 1st by a team based in Germany, supported by international moderators and a supportive and fast growing community. The project is present on almost every social media platform with solid marketing solutions such as giveaways, shoutouts and promotions on YouTube and is experiencing a huge influx of interested persons and investors as a result. Because of it's ongoing great efforts in marekting solutions and promotions, the team is confident to grow the community even further and get more and more investors onboard in the coming weeks and months, as important news such as the forthcoming CoinGecko listing and a big Coinhunt promotion from 13th-16th of June are always communicated to the community and greatly supported. Anyone is appreciated in AfterBurner's community and welcomed to start stacking BURNERs today!

Coin Summary

Ticker           :

Chain            : bsc

Contract       : 0xa1d8aca665cca68ca84847c5e208c0a949420cb6

Listing Date : 7 June, 2021

Website        : AFTERBURNER official website

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